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Wishing Happy BDay to a friend

I have been so away that I have forgotten how to use any type of technology. Coming back I want to start by wishing CKLL a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you and your fellow countrymen are going through a very rough time, so I send to you wishes for better things to come. Enjoy your day. 


The past few days the temperature has been really high, well, for what it is common here. Tomorrow seems to continue the same...barbecue anyone? hehehe
Yesterday I had a good day seeing the city in a different but nice way. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me...but still I remembered ...

Relaxing day (for a change)

Still lots to do, but taking it a bit easy. Today there was no sun shining, but the city looked nice though. Good news! Finally got my hair cut! Three months....it looked really bad. Now, it looks much better.

It's a new WONDERFUL day!

I know I don't use livejournal as many people do, but I'm gonna start. I need to feel that things are going to get better because they are.
It is a beautiful sunny spring (I think, I am not used to seasons) morning here in Edinburgh. I am in my way to find something I thought I have lost: my faith. And that makes today and every day that comes WONDERFUL days.

Enjoy the first of many wonderful days!!!

What character from Merlin are you?

I got the link from Ckll, and this is what I got...

You're Leon!
You're Leon!
Take What character from "Merlin" are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
You are a loyal and generous friend.

Sometimes you think of yourself as boring and you don't realise how much your friends value your quiet kindness.

Your modest exterior conceals an inner core of pure steel and you can get through events that would leave other people on their knees.

Your sense of duty tends to blind you to possibilities, sometimes you need to let other people stand on their own feet and do what's best for you.
Thx to Chaouens for the beautiful pics. The song is by The Coral, Dreaming of you.

The Knights of Camelot

My 3rd vid ever, and it's about the nice British show Merlin.